Degree in veterinary science from the University of León (1983) and a PhD in veterinary science from the University of Córdoba (1993). Researcher as Coordinator of Programs in the Canary Institute of Agrarian Research (Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias, ICIA). Professor of Dairy Industries (University of La Laguna, work leave). Between 1992 and 1996, Director General of Agricultural Production. Has participated and coordinated numerous projects, national and international, related to the characterization of the canarian breeds, milk and cheese production and goat´s reproduction. Has also been involved in the direction of doctoral theses (4) and academic projects. Member of several scientific organizations and reviewer in different scientific and technical publications. Since 1985, she has been involved in the characterization of Canarian cheeses and the legalization of raw milk cheeses.

She has been president and vice president of the protected designation of origin (PDO) Palmero Cheese and collaborates directly with the Regulatory Board of t canarian PDOs cheeses. Has published numerous papers in scientific and technical journals, as well as in national and international congresses. Has developed specific methodology for the sensorial analysis of cheeses. Active member of COMBIAND Network “Biodiversity of the Local Domestic Animals “, in the section on animal products. Corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and member of the Academy of Gastronomy of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Nowadays she is the Scientific Director of ICIA, an autonomous department that belongs to The Canary Islands Government.